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How do I use the classes?

Click on the Music link. From here click on the instrument of your choice and then on the tutor of choice. When the menu of classes within that section appears, simply click on the button on the right hand side of the list. It wil take some time to get all classes up. Currently available classes are coloured dark purple while those classes as yet unavailable are coloured light yellow. The lesson will open in your browser.

You'll see a few icons at the bottom left hand corner of the classes. Depending on where in the class you are there may be 2 or 3 icons. When clicked, these use pop-up windows to display further pertinent information such as notation and information on tunes etc. Even though the buttons look the same throughout the class, the info button will reveal different information windows depending on where in the class you are located. if you don't want them simply close them as you would any normal window. All classes feature almost identical navigation systems, so once you get used to the first one the rest should be a breeze.

Sequence of the Classes

We recommend you listen to the Full Tune section initially and become familiar with its melody and rhythm.

Then move to the Slow Down area where you should begin playing along with the tune, firstly at 50% pace and then at 80%.

When you are reasonably comfortable with playing the tune at 80%, you should then return to the full tune and practice playing with the tutor at full pace.

Opinions vary among teachers about when best to introduce ornamentation and variation, i.e. during the 80% pace section or after. What is important is that you do not sacrifice good technique, rhythm and control by introducing these too early.


System Requirements

You will need to have Quicktime installed on your computer. This is available free here. You will also need Flash Player for some of the animations. This is also free.

* The classes use pop-up windows. Please ensure that your browser is set to allow them to enjoy the full range of features.

* You will need to use a modern browser capable of displaying layers. The site and classes have been tested on Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer and appear to work fine.

*Please remember that although Scoiltrad is a free service, unauthorised copying and distribution of any content is illegal.