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Abbey Reel

An Boithrin Bui

An Buachall Dreoite

An Rógaire Dubh

Antaine Manus

Baile Bhuirne Polka(Pipes)

Baile Bhúirne Polka (Accordeon)


Blacksmith’s Reel

Bobby Casey’s Reel

Boyne Hunt

Broken Pledge

Caislean on Oir

Chattering Magpie


Connaughtmans Rambles

Cork Hornpipe(Banjo)

Corny is coming

Crowley's Reel

Drunken Guager

Fairest Rose

Fanny Power

First House in Connaught


Frog in the Well

Galway Hornpipe

Gander in the Pratie Hole

Green Fields of America(Pipes)

Green Flag

Hare in the Corn

Humours of Carrigaholt

Humours of Castle Bernard

Humours of Donnybrook

Humours of Glendart

Is ar Eirinn ni neosfainn cé h’í


Jackson’s Reel

John Mahoney’s Jig

Jug of Punch


Killimur Jig

Liz Kelley's favourite

Maids of Mitchelstown

Mc Dermot’s

Milltown Jig

Miss Crawford’s Highland

Miss McLeod’s

Morning Star (Pipes)

Mountain Road (Fiddle)

My Darling Asleep

Na Ceannabhain Bhana

New House

Nora Crionna

Old Tipperary (Fiddle)

Old Tipperary (Pipes)

Primrose Lass

Reavy’s Reel

Rights of Man (Accordeon)

Saddle the Pony (Pipes)

Scotch Mary

Seamus Begley's

Sean Maguires Jig

Shaskeen Reel

Sixpenny Money

Speed the Plough

Sporting Nellie

Taim in Arrears

Tim Moloney’s Reel

Tommy Cowen's

Tommy Peoples’ Mozurka